Sealants & Adhesives

Can-Cell provides a variety of first-party Weathershield sealants and adhesives, all designed for industry-quality results. These strong, versatile products are sure to improve the quality of a home and minimize maintenance issues.

Weathershield Acoustical Sealant

Weathershield Acoustical Sealant is a flexible, non-drying sealant for use on overlapping joints in polyethylene vapour barriers.

– Provides effective seal for electrical/plumbing cut-outs
– Great sound reduction
– Long-lasting
– Completely airtight
– Highly flexible
– Useful for vibrating elements

Contractor Solutions Silicone Sealant

Contractor Solutions Silicone Sealant is a high-quality joint sealant that cures to form a low modulus, water resistant seal.

– Acetoxy-based
– Useful indoors or out
– Remains flexible with age
– Adheres to a wide range of materials
– Skins in 7 minutes, cures 2mm/24hrs
– Comes in Clear, White and Translucent

Weathershield Subfloor Construction Adhesive

Weathershield Construction Subfloor Adhesive bridges gaps & irregularities and offers high strength, excellent resilience and outstanding impact resistance.

– Works on subfloors, drywall, paneling, etc
– Effective on wet or treated lumber
– Eliminates squeaks
– Interior or exterior
– Waterproof bond
– Highly flexible

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