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Wallbar Insulation

The sister product to Weathershield, WallBAR is a formed-in-place fibrous insulation system for use in exterior walls, interior and party wall applications, and sloped ceilings. It is highly vermin-resistant, contains very few volatile organic compounds (VOC), and is among the greenest and most effective insulation products in the world.

What Customers Say

We use Wallbar in all our sound walls for our duplex and multifamily homes because we find that the density offered from cellulose stops the reverberation and echo. It also dampens a full range of sound from low to high octaves. We have tested Wallbar and have found it to be a far superior sound suppression system over all the other products available to us.
We have typically used Wallbar for noise reduction in interior walls. Wallbar has given us an easy, economical way to provide sound damping for our customers in bedrooms, bathrooms, and sound room areas.


  • Highly effective at muting outdoor sound or sound from other rooms
  • Will save as much as 50% in heating bills, allowing savings to quickly overtake the cost
  • Non-toxic and family safe, making it worry-free for homes and businesses
  • Properly applied, will fill in any wall cavity seamlessly with no air leakage
  • Manufactured with harmless fire retardant chemicals
  • Made from 100% recycled material

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