Weather Protection Systems

Rugged Weather Protection Systems that take on the Challenging Canadian Climate

Can-Cell Industries is proud to be a Canadian distributor of Typar® Weather Protection Systems. Typar® air tight building and house wraps were designed with extreme ruggedness and are intelligently engineered to block moisture from the outside and allow it to escape safely from the inside boosting the energy-efficiency of a home or building.

Featured Products

TYPAR III Building Wrap

Typar® III Building Wrap blocks air and water from entering a building while locking moisture out of the wall cavity



Typar® Commercial-grade MetroWrap goes beyond in defending multi-family dwellings, light commercial projects and even larger structures


TYPAR.CA HOUSEWRAP Housewrap was specially manufactured to handle the challenges of Canadian Weather no matter what the conditions – and to outperform the competition in tear strength, breathability, and beyond

Foundation Coating

RESISTO FOUNDATION COATING is a non-fibrous bituminous foundation coating used to protect foundation walls, footings, retaining walls, wing walls, abutments and culverts

Foundation Coating – Low Temperature

RESISTO FOUNDATION COATING – LOW TEMPERATURE is composed of bitumen and fast-evaporating solvent and is specially designed for application in lower temperatures to prevent moisture absorption and infiltration

TYPAR All Temperature Flashing

Typar® All Temperature Flashing is engineered to perform in a broad range of extremes and protect against moisture penetration at windows, doors and through-wall entry points

TYPAR Butyl Flashing

TYPAR Butyl Flashing

Typar® Butyl Flashing is formulated without VOCs, and is compatible with most caulks and sealants used for window installation


TYPAR Flexible Flashing

Typar® Flexible Flashing tightly seals around curved windows, window flanges, sill plates, corners, and joists