Superior Toughness. Superior Insulation.

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SOPREMA offers high-quality extruded polystyrene thermal insulation panels.  SOPRA-XPS panels are available with either straight or shiplap edges, and in  2 ft × 8 ft or 4 ft × 8 ft sizes.

Thanks to the density of their closed-cell composition, SOPRA-XPS panels have exceptional resistance to water and water vapour and they prevent voids in the insulation preventing any uncontrolled movement of air through the assemblies.

  • Resistant in all of its aspects
  • Toughness and sustainability

  • Up to 70% recycled material for the entire product line


SOPREMA is an international manufacturer specializing in the production of innovative products for waterproofing, insulation, soundproofing and vegetated solutions for the roofing, building envelope and civil engineering sectors. Founded in 1908 in Strasbourg, France, SOPREMA now operates in over 90 countries.