Screeneze is a screening product designed for open-air structures like porches, preventing pests from reaching you while still enjoying the weather. The innovative Screeneze design is stronger and more durable than ordinary screen systems, which will help to maintain the screens’ integrity through inclement weather and rough treatment.

The Screeneze system requires no staples, splines, or the installation of posts. The system stretches screen for you, ensuring that it it forms a taut barrier, and can span much larger openings than conventional screens (up to 150 square feet, 3x the norm). They carry Fiberglass Screen, SuperScreen™, BetterVue™, and Insect Screen, all in 100′ rolls. They also stock extra wide screens to accommodate the large panels you can do with Screeneze.

  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Simple to Install & Repair
  • Installs Using a variety of Screen Fabrics

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