Countless Ventilation Options for Your Home

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Heat and moisture, both common problems in attics, can cause rot, mildew, mould, paint blisters, and damage to insulation. A proper ventilation system will extend the life of shingles, insulation, and other building components. Lomanco is the world’s premier manufacturer of quality residential ventilation products. Throughout its 65 year history, it has been creating the best ventilation products and leading the way in residential ventilation systems.

Lomanco’s high product quality, well-recognized integrity, and solid partner base have established it on the world stage. Its success has been built on pride, dedication, and the hard work of Lomanco’s owners, management, employees, sales representatives, vendors, and customers since 1946. If your project requires a ventilation product, you can find the best one for it in Lomanco’s stock.

  • Prevent heat buildup, which can radiate into your living area
  • Extend the life of shingles, insulation, and other building components
  • Reduce your heating bills, saving money in the long run
  • Prevent moisture accumulation along with its unhealthy side effects

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