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Bakor’s Air-Bloc and Blueskin products are elastomeric air and vapour barrier systems that remain resistant to rainwater penetration. Unlike a dampproofing product, these products are self-sealing and will remain flexible.

Air-Bloc 06 is ideal for cold weather application. Air-Bloc 21 also functions as an insulation adhesive for securing the insulation within the cavity wall. Air-Bloc 21FR is fire-resistant. Air-Bloc 32 is ideal for projects that require a low VOC, low odour system. Blueskin® is used as a transition membrane to span gaps between dissimilar surfaces in key areas such as wall-to-window frames, wall-to-slab, wall-to-roof junction, etc. If you require help in selecting the right Bakor membrane for your project, please contact Can-Cell and we’ll help you make the right choice.

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