If It’s Not Attic Hatch, It’s Not Code

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Attic Hatch Inc. is the only company in Canada that has developed and patented a pre-built attic access assembly that meets all national building code requirements. The “Attic Hatch” consists of a metal outer frame that is drywalled into the ceiling, making the attic hatch frame totally air tight. The access lid consists of an extruded vinyl profile with weather-stripping and a recycled polyurethane insulated steel skin panel. When primed and textured, along with the ceiling, it becomes virtually invisible.

  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Reduces Heat Loss
  • Manufactured R15 Insulated Lid

“Air leaking into and out of the wall, ceiling, and floor systems can carry water vapor that will condense within the framing cavities. Air movement carries significantly more moisture than vapor diffusion. This condensed water can then cause mold growth and rot within the cavities, shortening the life span of the structure.” – U.S. Dep’t Of Energy

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